Not a creature was stirring. . .But Mom!

HELLO! Back-to-School routines are in full effect.  Kids are fed, bathed, and off to bed by 8:00.  So now all is quiet and Mom can rest. BUT MOM!! Mom is finishing her to do list.  Now to the PRO MOMS that have everything perfectly mapped out and can dash into bed too. . .whoopty doo! For the rest of us that finish up laundry, set out clothes, check your calendars, etc. Girl, I feel your pain!  But really, what’s a few extra minutes awake at night worth you ask.  It’s worth a few more minutes of sleep in the morning.  Now What!

Now for those of us “Work-at-home moms,” we often use the kids bedtime as an opportunity to work! This is imperative because you also have to get all of your errands run and cook a well balanced meal (Pun certainly intended. You cook whatever you feel l like cooking.) before the afternoon carpool.  So yes, while Perfect Patty is all nestled in bed. Work-at-home Wilma is sitting in front of a computer with visions of incomplete tasks all dancing in her head.

Of course. . . then there’s Dad’s need. Because let’s be honest they only really have one need.   I’ll just drop this right here on that note:  How Often Do Parents Have Sex? .  #sexisnotabadword #butmom #yesmomisawake #sleepwhen #momtigue

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I am a non-traditional "stay at home AND telework mom. I have two children and married to a chef. We also happen to own a catering company in Baton Rouge, LA. In addition, I have also worked in public health for over eight (8) years in public policy and grant writing. Much like most moms I love my family and FRamily (friends that have become family). After chatting about life as a mom with my big sister this blog was born! Follow along and share your BUT MOM moments.

2 thoughts on “Not a creature was stirring. . .But Mom!”

  1. You hit the nail right on the head. I’m, SO, NOT, perfect patty! Once mine hits the bed, it’s a mad dash of, “how much can I accomplish in two hours”!

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