Hello! It has been a while. But I have not forgotten about nor abandoned my blog. “But Mom” needed a recharge. In the prices of trying to be a superhero, a nurse, a counselor, a personal stylist, a personal paparazzi, a gourmet chef, a wife, a full time working professional, and a whole plethora of other things I forgot to take care of me. Now I know some of the moms reading this believe that married moms have it SUPER EASY. Well, I won’t crush your fantasies. But I won’t fuel them either (you’ll catch that in carpool).

Nevertheless, I want to remind ALL moms that some days it is ok to do NOTHING! The dishes will not turn into decay overnight. The pile of laundry that needs to be put away. Well, I can guarantee it will be there waiting on you later. Unless some of you moms know about a laundry god I’ve overlooked. It’s really ok that the kids had a Pop Tart instead of soft scrambled egg whites with duck bacon and fruit from your own backyard. It’s even ok if they eat PB&J in place of grilled shrimp with steamed asparagus. And the absolute worst…. my kids may have even had JUICE with dinner and it may have had Red dye.

And tonight “But Mom” is ok with that. In their eyes I am still a Super Hero. And I’m recharged so I can put on my cape tomorrow!!

#wherethehellarethesocks #idontevencareaboutthesocks #ihadsugarinmytea #realsugar #itsallgood #butmom #reloaded


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I am a non-traditional "stay at home AND telework mom. I have two children and married to a chef. We also happen to own a catering company in Baton Rouge, LA. In addition, I have also worked in public health for over eight (8) years in public policy and grant writing. Much like most moms I love my family and FRamily (friends that have become family). After chatting about life as a mom with my big sister this blog was born! Follow along and share your BUT MOM moments.

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