Halloween or Nah

My kids were eager to “trick or treat” tonight. And honestly I was excited for them. We spend so much time preparing them for life that often we forget to just let them be kids. Many people now have created such negativity around kids simply getting candy and having fun. I suppose for some dressing up and getting candy for one day may turn the kids into some satanic vulture. For the rest of us, our kids will take off their costumes and soon forget they even collected all of that candy.

As a mom, I have a lot to protect my kids from. But today I will not protect them from smiling faces and Jack-o-lanterns filled with candy. I will not protect them from their Black Panther or Minnie Mouse costumes. I will not protect them from the simple joy or getting all the candy their hands can hold. And if your kid stopped by they too left with an arm filled with candy.

Happy Halloween!

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I am a non-traditional "stay at home AND telework mom. I have two children and married to a chef. We also happen to own a catering company in Baton Rouge, LA. In addition, I have also worked in public health for over eight (8) years in public policy and grant writing. Much like most moms I love my family and FRamily (friends that have become family). After chatting about life as a mom with my big sister this blog was born! Follow along and share your BUT MOM moments.

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