As I sit here in rare silence, I realize how truly thankful I am for the sleepless nights, messy rooms, nonstop noise, and mommy songs of my children. It hasn’t been many years ago that I was told I would never have children.

You see this silence could be my forever. But instead it’s a reminder of how God will grant you the desires of your heart. I absolutely get overwhelmed. I absolutely need mommy time. But I most assuredly need my children. I need them to remind me of pure love. I need them to remind me that no matter how slow the water runs out of my pipes or how quickly they have dump out all of the toys that God chose me! He chose me to love and care for two of His most precious jewels. I know that on the darkest of days I can look at my children and see joy.

I look at them and I’m reminded of one thing…. much like God, they love me so much more than I deserve some days.

And for that “But Mom” is thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving

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I am a non-traditional "stay at home AND telework mom. I have two children and married to a chef. We also happen to own a catering company in Baton Rouge, LA. In addition, I have also worked in public health for over eight (8) years in public policy and grant writing. Much like most moms I love my family and FRamily (friends that have become family). After chatting about life as a mom with my big sister this blog was born! Follow along and share your BUT MOM moments.

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