Oh Boy!

img_4723So if you have ever had the pleasure of parenting, babysitting, etc a boy you KNOW how this is going.  Remember “Snips and snails and puppy dog tails, that’s what little boys are made of.”  Well, as a boy mom. . IT IS ALL TRUE.  My days are usually filled with conversations of flatulence, frogs, spiders, and all kinds of other cutesy stuff.  Not to mention the bottomless pit they call a stomach!

But why oh why did people say boys are easier.  I suppose if by easier you mean telling them the same thing only a trillion times. Only for them to say “OH you meant THAT SHIRT!” No, I mean the one that is in a bag in another room not being discussed.”  For example, this morning my big boy just could not figure out where his clothes were kept (you know drawers and closets).  THEN after I pointed out the place they’ve been forever he managed to pick out clothes in the “Not this section. These are your school clothes section” of the closet.  Howbeit, we made it out of the door in record time (with motivation).  And as you’ve already guessed, it wouldn’t be a morning at The Odoms without someone screaming #wherethehellarethesocks #didyouwashyourface #dontforgettolotion #nephewwasmovingslowlytoo #OHBOY #butmom #boymom #getdressedson #useyourschoolstomach

Those darn “car shopping carts!”

HELLO!! Ok, I KNOW I am not the only mother that secretly hopes those darn car shopping carts have all absconded.  The nano second you pull into the parking lot they start yelling “I want to ride in the car.”  Meanwhile, I’m like “Hey we are only hear to grab some fennel.” But NOOOOOO meltdown in 5-4-3-2- .. don’t worry honey they have a car right here. Yes, I am the mother that gives in.  #insertyourjudginghere #insertmypeacefulshoppingtoo

Hey, after all the little one didn’t get to #buildabear so I clearly MUST allow her to live out her Nascar dreams as we zoom through the aisles of the grocery store. But not before she has made her request for bananas and salmon.  If the big boy is with us I have to lift ALL of him into the cart too. I’m wondering when he will realize “knees to chest” does not apply to the shopping cart.  

As the saying goes “it is what it is,” I have my fennel, and I can go home to do more laundry.  (Did I mention our niece and nephew are here?) #didtheybringsocks #wherethehellarethesocks #butmom #mommysoncall #deathtoshoppingcartcars #hellotostoretripsalone 


Give me ONE Pair! I need two Pair. . . and a Bear!

HELLO!!!  WOOOHOOOO!!  We have made it to Friday. . .said no mom ever!  Why? Because Friday means keeping kids busy for the entire day while trying to mate socks.  I promise finding a mate for Yogi Bear has to be simpler than keeping the mate to socks.  Or as Mom Falon stated “mating anything that comes in pairs.”  I would pay hard earned money to figure out #wherethehellarethesocks  Now, I know all of the single folks and the SUPER organized mom is going to say “Just pin them together.”  Uh, yeah another task that will lead to #wherethehellarethepins.

So yesterday most mom’s were super excited about #PayYourAgeDay at Build-A-Bear Workshop.  I mean what other time can we totally stoke our kids for as little as $1.  I for one just KNEW my princess would be stuffing her favorite bear for $3.30 (with tax).  But, not so fast for us right!  Before stores even opened Build-A-Bear sent out a panicked Facebook, Tweet, IG, Email, Carrier Pigeon saying “Wait, we didn’t know it would be this big.  We have stopped the promotion.”  Ok, come on now.  You didn’t know that every parent would skedaddle from their homes to take advantage of this.  You didn’t know that we would LOVE to pay prices equivalent to a toddler’s age for your $50 bear.  #haveaseat You knew better.  You just didn’t plan nor execute effectively.  PAYYOURAGEFAILED

Needless to say, if you missed  Pay Your Age Day Build-A-Bear has so graciously agreed to give you $15 off of your next bear. BUT you must login before Sunday to screenshot the coupon.  Why thank you Build-A-Bear of course I want to now pay $35 for what you told me would be $3.  #insertmompun #givememy3dollarbear #wherethehellarethesocks #BuildaBear #NopeDontBuildaBear

Mom, You are not alone!

Hello!  Chances are if you have navigated to this blog you are suffering from Momtigue (Fatigue from being a mom).  During the 1950s-1960s women began debating between being stay at home moms or joining the workforce.  Fast forward to 2018, and most homes require two working parents.  Unfortunately, the mindset of today’s culture still views mom as the “stay home and care for household work and children parent.”  It is this attitude that has most moms singing “I NEED ME TIME!”  In fact a survey on Parenting.com stated that “Dads Stress out Moms More Than Kids.”  Almost 50% of mom’s blame dad on their stress.  The article highlights one mom’s frustration, “I am exhausted emotionally and physically when my husband comes home,” says another. “He feels like another job.”  How many mom’s can relate?  Husbands need just as much (or more) attention than the kids. Right!

Let’s be honest for a moment.  Dad can be sitting on the sofa next to the cup that your little prince or princess “needs” and they will walk right past Dad AND the cup to come have mom rescue the poor lost cup.  You know the one you JUST gave them and they JUST put on the table next to Dad.  Apparently mom is better at grabbing that cup than Dad.  BUT let’s not forget, Dad isn’t likely to protest getting mom.   Meanwhile, Dad needs you to help him find his old high school shirt because this is the ONLY shirt he can wear RIGHT now.  Sound familiar?

Mom, you are not alone.  Mom’s all over the place are navigating school schedules, extracurricular activities, play dates, potty breaks, and the appropriate ratio of Dawn to water to remove that marker that was just used on the bed linen canvas.  And when mom is “resting” she is trying to figure out where the monster lives that eats all of the socks from the dryer.  I know I would LOVE to pay that rascal a visit and get my family’s socks back.

Speaking of. . . it’s time for me to go round up matching socks. I’ll be back soon to tell you about Pay Your Age Day at Build a Bear Workshop.  #momworkstoo #butmom #momcanyou #wherethehellarethesocks