Cheers to Forty Years

Honestly, I always thought 40 was A LONG ways away. I thought it was “Over the Hill.” Now for some you’re likely wondering why and how I came to this. Well, 40 is the first birthday party I can remember my Dad having. I was only four years old, but I remember my mom decorating our garage with “Over the Hill” balloons and decor. I slightly recall there being a surprise element to it. And that was the day I thought “WOW 40 is old!”

Now here I am “Over the Hill.” And I can humbly say that 40 ain’t old! In fact, I am grateful to see 40. I’m honored to have my small piece of the American Dream. I’m grateful to be healthy and surrounded by family and friends that love me.

One thing I learned in my 30s was that friendship means so much more than just having entourage to snap it up with. Life has so much more meaning than STUFF and a salary (that’s another blog). I’ve developed some amazing bonds that I couldn’t have even imagined just five-ten years ago.

But the most amazing thing is learning my place in life. . . hearing my God given calling and taking the steps to fulfill it. Now I know everyone expects to read about how awesome my husband and kids are. . .and they are! But today I am doing what we forget to do as moms and wives. . . reflecting on ME. I’ve learned that no matter how great friends and family are. . . alone time is superlative.

Now there is something that has carried over from my twenties, I still prefer a nice gathering of family and friends over a nightclub anyday. I can rock with a DJ or Live Band ( As long as they don’t mess up “The Wobble.”). I still love to eat boiled crawfish, and could with every meal. I’m still totally underwhelmed by superficiality. Memories mean more than the latest trends. I literally married my DREAM MAN . . . a CHEF. HA! Seriously, my husband is a hard worker and for that I’m grateful. I know that as long as he is by my side, the next 40 years is sure to be an adventure. Add that to my two amazing kids. . . dash on a little family and friends. . . and that is my cheers to 40!

And you guessed it. . . I still need to know #wherethehellarethesocks