Co-Parenting 2.0

Hello!  Well, our big boy will be SEVEN (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) on Fimg_6184riday! So those of you that know me now that I did not give birth to Josiah. But I will sprinkle itching powder on ANYONE that says he is not my son.  Josiah is as much a part of me as Corrinne.  Therefore it goes without saying that I am ecstatic to see this little fellow coming into himself.  Now I will not say that it is not easy. Yes, he is indeed the snakes and snails and puppy dog tails little boy!  But under all of that little boy is the most genuine and loving kid you will ever meet.  To SOME co-parents it may seem like well who cares.  Not this one.  So make sure you send him some birthday love when you say your prayers.

Of course with a “Bonus Son” there is co-parenting.  Now that’s where the real purpose of this blog comes in.  Often I listen to the horror stories of co-parenting. Of how the mother does this or that. Nah, that doesn’t happen over here. That does not mean that there are not days that we disagree. Shoooot.  It happens.  BUT what I do know is that we all love Josiah and are working hard to give him the foundation he deserves and needs to succeed.  I want to challenge my readers in co-parenting

situations to “Take the Power from the Past.”  Don’t allow what did or did not to lay the foundation of your co-parenting.  Sip you some wine and work together.  Healthy children come from healthy parents.  If you need to sip the wine together. Laugh together. Cry together.  But most importantly LOVE TOGETHER.  The kid deserves it.

Let’s get out there and find the socks (OK so maybe you’re just buying socks like me).  Let’s get out there and knock out that pile of laundry (is there really an end to it).  But more so. . . let’s get out there and build our future generation of parents.

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