Give me ONE Pair! I need two Pair. . . and a Bear!

HELLO!!!  WOOOHOOOO!!  We have made it to Friday. . .said no mom ever!  Why? Because Friday means keeping kids busy for the entire day while trying to mate socks.  I promise finding a mate for Yogi Bear has to be simpler than keeping the mate to socks.  Or as Mom Falon stated “mating anything that comes in pairs.”  I would pay hard earned money to figure out #wherethehellarethesocks  Now, I know all of the single folks and the SUPER organized mom is going to say “Just pin them together.”  Uh, yeah another task that will lead to #wherethehellarethepins.

So yesterday most mom’s were super excited about #PayYourAgeDay at Build-A-Bear Workshop.  I mean what other time can we totally stoke our kids for as little as $1.  I for one just KNEW my princess would be stuffing her favorite bear for $3.30 (with tax).  But, not so fast for us right!  Before stores even opened Build-A-Bear sent out a panicked Facebook, Tweet, IG, Email, Carrier Pigeon saying “Wait, we didn’t know it would be this big.  We have stopped the promotion.”  Ok, come on now.  You didn’t know that every parent would skedaddle from their homes to take advantage of this.  You didn’t know that we would LOVE to pay prices equivalent to a toddler’s age for your $50 bear.  #haveaseat You knew better.  You just didn’t plan nor execute effectively.  PAYYOURAGEFAILED

Needless to say, if you missed  Pay Your Age Day Build-A-Bear has so graciously agreed to give you $15 off of your next bear. BUT you must login before Sunday to screenshot the coupon.  Why thank you Build-A-Bear of course I want to now pay $35 for what you told me would be $3.  #insertmompun #givememy3dollarbear #wherethehellarethesocks #BuildaBear #NopeDontBuildaBear