An elephant never forgets. I’m not an elephant.

HELLO!! Let’s be clear. . . I am not an elephant AND I am forgetful.  (I’ve often wondered how we know an elephant never forgets.)  A few days ago a fellow Mom posted that she forgot to pick her child up from camp.  She was lugubrious to say the least.  This is a totally normal feeling.  However, Moms to the rescue!  You are not a bad mom because you forgot.  Truth be told forgetting a child is admitted less often than it occurs.  This is the case because it is more socially acceptable to forget your keys, phone, wallet, debit card, passwords-but never children.  Yeah Right!  It happens to the best of us. Ev

en if you just temporarily get away from them in the store. It happens.  In fact 65% of parents state that they have temporarily lost a child while out.( How easy is it to leave a child behind?)
Funny story.  My niece, Olivia, was temporarily lost in her own home. Her parents had called the authorities and initiated a neighbor


hood search party.  This entire time Olivia was between the mattress and bed frame ASLEEP.  So yes, IT HAPPENS!

I have personally been headed to my car after church and then realize “WAIT! I need to get Josiah from children’s church.”  My mind was so focused on the next steps that I did not process the details of the steps.  Needless to say he is fine, Olivia is fine, and my friend’s daughter is fine.  In fact neither of the little lads even realized there was a problem.

No worries mom!  We are doing a great job.  We have found our kids, they have on socks (or at least shoes) and all is good in the world!