Cheers to Forty Years

Honestly, I always thought 40 was A LONG ways away. I thought it was “Over the Hill.” Now for some you’re likely wondering why and how I came to this. Well, 40 is the first birthday party I can remember my Dad having. I was only four years old, but I remember my mom decorating our garage with “Over the Hill” balloons and decor. I slightly recall there being a surprise element to it. And that was the day I thought “WOW 40 is old!”

Now here I am “Over the Hill.” And I can humbly say that 40 ain’t old! In fact, I am grateful to see 40. I’m honored to have my small piece of the American Dream. I’m grateful to be healthy and surrounded by family and friends that love me.

One thing I learned in my 30s was that friendship means so much more than just having entourage to snap it up with. Life has so much more meaning than STUFF and a salary (that’s another blog). I’ve developed some amazing bonds that I couldn’t have even imagined just five-ten years ago.

But the most amazing thing is learning my place in life. . . hearing my God given calling and taking the steps to fulfill it. Now I know everyone expects to read about how awesome my husband and kids are. . .and they are! But today I am doing what we forget to do as moms and wives. . . reflecting on ME. I’ve learned that no matter how great friends and family are. . . alone time is superlative.

Now there is something that has carried over from my twenties, I still prefer a nice gathering of family and friends over a nightclub anyday. I can rock with a DJ or Live Band ( As long as they don’t mess up “The Wobble.”). I still love to eat boiled crawfish, and could with every meal. I’m still totally underwhelmed by superficiality. Memories mean more than the latest trends. I literally married my DREAM MAN . . . a CHEF. HA! Seriously, my husband is a hard worker and for that I’m grateful. I know that as long as he is by my side, the next 40 years is sure to be an adventure. Add that to my two amazing kids. . . dash on a little family and friends. . . and that is my cheers to 40!

And you guessed it. . . I still need to know #wherethehellarethesocks

Co-Parenting 2.0

Hello!  Well, our big boy will be SEVEN (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) on Fimg_6184riday! So those of you that know me now that I did not give birth to Josiah. But I will sprinkle itching powder on ANYONE that says he is not my son.  Josiah is as much a part of me as Corrinne.  Therefore it goes without saying that I am ecstatic to see this little fellow coming into himself.  Now I will not say that it is not easy. Yes, he is indeed the snakes and snails and puppy dog tails little boy!  But under all of that little boy is the most genuine and loving kid you will ever meet.  To SOME co-parents it may seem like well who cares.  Not this one.  So make sure you send him some birthday love when you say your prayers.

Of course with a “Bonus Son” there is co-parenting.  Now that’s where the real purpose of this blog comes in.  Often I listen to the horror stories of co-parenting. Of how the mother does this or that. Nah, that doesn’t happen over here. That does not mean that there are not days that we disagree. Shoooot.  It happens.  BUT what I do know is that we all love Josiah and are working hard to give him the foundation he deserves and needs to succeed.  I want to challenge my readers in co-parenting

situations to “Take the Power from the Past.”  Don’t allow what did or did not to lay the foundation of your co-parenting.  Sip you some wine and work together.  Healthy children come from healthy parents.  If you need to sip the wine together. Laugh together. Cry together.  But most importantly LOVE TOGETHER.  The kid deserves it.

Let’s get out there and find the socks (OK so maybe you’re just buying socks like me).  Let’s get out there and knock out that pile of laundry (is there really an end to it).  But more so. . . let’s get out there and build our future generation of parents.

#coparenting #takethepowerfromthepast #wherethehellarethesocks #nomorelaundry #happybirthdayJosiah #RockingBonusMom

Not a creature was stirring. . .But Mom!

HELLO! Back-to-School routines are in full effect.  Kids are fed, bathed, and off to bed by 8:00.  So now all is quiet and Mom can rest. BUT MOM!! Mom is finishing her to do list.  Now to the PRO MOMS that have everything perfectly mapped out and can dash into bed too. . .whoopty doo! For the rest of us that finish up laundry, set out clothes, check your calendars, etc. Girl, I feel your pain!  But really, what’s a few extra minutes awake at night worth you ask.  It’s worth a few more minutes of sleep in the morning.  Now What!

Now for those of us “Work-at-home moms,” we often use the kids bedtime as an opportunity to work! This is imperative because you also have to get all of your errands run and cook a well balanced meal (Pun certainly intended. You cook whatever you feel l like cooking.) before the afternoon carpool.  So yes, while Perfect Patty is all nestled in bed. Work-at-home Wilma is sitting in front of a computer with visions of incomplete tasks all dancing in her head.

Of course. . . then there’s Dad’s need. Because let’s be honest they only really have one need.   I’ll just drop this right here on that note:  How Often Do Parents Have Sex? .  #sexisnotabadword #butmom #yesmomisawake #sleepwhen #momtigue

An elephant never forgets. I’m not an elephant.

HELLO!! Let’s be clear. . . I am not an elephant AND I am forgetful.  (I’ve often wondered how we know an elephant never forgets.)  A few days ago a fellow Mom posted that she forgot to pick her child up from camp.  She was lugubrious to say the least.  This is a totally normal feeling.  However, Moms to the rescue!  You are not a bad mom because you forgot.  Truth be told forgetting a child is admitted less often than it occurs.  This is the case because it is more socially acceptable to forget your keys, phone, wallet, debit card, passwords-but never children.  Yeah Right!  It happens to the best of us. Ev

en if you just temporarily get away from them in the store. It happens.  In fact 65% of parents state that they have temporarily lost a child while out.( How easy is it to leave a child behind?)
Funny story.  My niece, Olivia, was temporarily lost in her own home. Her parents had called the authorities and initiated a neighbor


hood search party.  This entire time Olivia was between the mattress and bed frame ASLEEP.  So yes, IT HAPPENS!

I have personally been headed to my car after church and then realize “WAIT! I need to get Josiah from children’s church.”  My mind was so focused on the next steps that I did not process the details of the steps.  Needless to say he is fine, Olivia is fine, and my friend’s daughter is fine.  In fact neither of the little lads even realized there was a problem.

No worries mom!  We are doing a great job.  We have found our kids, they have on socks (or at least shoes) and all is good in the world!

Give me ONE Pair! I need two Pair. . . and a Bear!

HELLO!!!  WOOOHOOOO!!  We have made it to Friday. . .said no mom ever!  Why? Because Friday means keeping kids busy for the entire day while trying to mate socks.  I promise finding a mate for Yogi Bear has to be simpler than keeping the mate to socks.  Or as Mom Falon stated “mating anything that comes in pairs.”  I would pay hard earned money to figure out #wherethehellarethesocks  Now, I know all of the single folks and the SUPER organized mom is going to say “Just pin them together.”  Uh, yeah another task that will lead to #wherethehellarethepins.

So yesterday most mom’s were super excited about #PayYourAgeDay at Build-A-Bear Workshop.  I mean what other time can we totally stoke our kids for as little as $1.  I for one just KNEW my princess would be stuffing her favorite bear for $3.30 (with tax).  But, not so fast for us right!  Before stores even opened Build-A-Bear sent out a panicked Facebook, Tweet, IG, Email, Carrier Pigeon saying “Wait, we didn’t know it would be this big.  We have stopped the promotion.”  Ok, come on now.  You didn’t know that every parent would skedaddle from their homes to take advantage of this.  You didn’t know that we would LOVE to pay prices equivalent to a toddler’s age for your $50 bear.  #haveaseat You knew better.  You just didn’t plan nor execute effectively.  PAYYOURAGEFAILED

Needless to say, if you missed  Pay Your Age Day Build-A-Bear has so graciously agreed to give you $15 off of your next bear. BUT you must login before Sunday to screenshot the coupon.  Why thank you Build-A-Bear of course I want to now pay $35 for what you told me would be $3.  #insertmompun #givememy3dollarbear #wherethehellarethesocks #BuildaBear #NopeDontBuildaBear