Everyday is laundry day!

Ok confession. I absolutely abhor doing laundry. Surely my laundry isn’t the only one that multiplies like those Gremlins from the 80s. No matter how many loads I wash the clothes proliferate like cells in a Chem Lab. And yes, the socks are lost under the mountains of clothes and they do not have mates. I’ve seriously considered learning to make socks just so my husband can stop asking me #wherethehellarethesocks Newsflash I don’t know husband. They’re somewhere under the towels, undies, and rocks that made it into the piles from the kids pockets.

Speaking of finding things in the dryer. Am I the only mom that gets excited when loose change or even good old dollar bills turn up in the washer. It’s like instant oat day!! Though, not quite as exhilarating as finding matching socks.

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I am a non-traditional "stay at home AND telework mom. I have two children and married to a chef. We also happen to own a catering company in Baton Rouge, LA. In addition, I have also worked in public health for over eight (8) years in public policy and grant writing. Much like most moms I love my family and FRamily (friends that have become family). After chatting about life as a mom with my big sister this blog was born! Follow along and share your BUT MOM moments.

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